How to balance a busy life and going to gym

Be prepared

If the gym after work is a better option for you, make sure you’ve sorted out what needs to be done at home in the morning. This way you won’t stress or cut down on gym-time. So, if you have a family to feed, make sure you’ve cooked the meal the night before.

Mix and match your exercises

Yes, getting some exercise at the gym is a priority, but if you can take the stairs instead of the elevator at work, then do it. Who knows, you might only have 30 minutes at the gym later – so getting any exercise you can during the day will definitely help to burn those calories.

Workout in the morning

Life happens, and you’ll find you can’t always work out after work. Waking up an hour earlier also doesn’t really sound inviting – but if you’ve fitted in some exercise in the morning, you’ll be less affected.

Have a plan B

Meetings can take longer than expected and, lets face it, traffic can get hectic. If you avoid exercising just once it can soon develop into 2 nights…3 nights? It’s easy to get lazy after skipping gym. Why not walk your dog when you get home or do some crunches or stretches for 10 minutes? Hey, who said exercise should be fancy anyway?

Don’t beat yourself up if you managed only 20 push ups instead of 30 – every bit counts! Just make sure that you use your favourite Shield deodorant before and after excessive sweating so you can embrace life feeling cool and fresh!