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A shirt with sweat stains

Avoiding Sweat Stains -Deodorant

The deodorant you choose shouldn’t just be a nice smelling afterthought you apply at the end of your daily grooming routine. Deodorant can be a tool that keeps you dry and comfortable for extended periods in a day – and especially so when it comes to Shield’s comprehensive range of pioneering antiperspirants.

What’s more, though, a deodorant can now be a very functional addition to your hygiene routine. Functional in that it not only works to protect you from sweat and odour, but it works to protect your clothing from residue marks and sweat stains too

Case in point: Shield’s highly innovative Invisible Black & White range of antiperspirants. Now you can stay fresh and dry all day, and your precious garments will be protected against the stain-causing residue that could come with extended deodorant use.

Let’s talk more about technology here.

What Causes Deodorant Stains?

We’ve all seen them on our black and white clothes, the white marks, or yellow stains that build-up in the underarm areas – they’re not only unsightly and embarrassing, but they can ruin expensive clothes.

But what causes them?

Usually, the culprit is the presence of certain proteins included in an antiperspirant’s composition. This mixed with ingredients like alkali or aluminium – along with mixtures that produce certain scents we enjoy – can cause a powdery residue to form. And when it comes to sweat stains, those same ingredients mixed with the natural chemical composition of an individual and their natural oils, can cause that typical yellow tinge.

The severity of the staining will vary though. It depends on how often you apply antiperspirant, how heavily you sweat, and the amount you need to feel comfortable. However, in cases of heavy residue marking and staining, prevention is always more effective than cure.

Shield has that prevention. When seeking to find out how to avoid deodorant stains, look no further than Shield’s innovative anti-mark technology.

How To Avoid Deodorant Stains

Introducing, Shield Invisible Black & White, for women and men.

This pioneering new entry into our vast range of deodorants and antiperspirants is specially formulated with Clearex and micro-crystal technology, offering less product build up after application but with Shield’s famous 48-hour protection. You get extended defence against sweat and odour, and your clothes stay mark and stain free. This is Shield’s solution, designed to keep your blacks, black, your whites, white, and you dry all day long.

Read more to learn about our world-class entry into the science of anti-stain technology, hygiene and freshness

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