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Only one thing’s more important than starting to move more – that’s keeping it going. And we’ve got all the motivation you need. Everything from top athletes’ inspiring stories, to fresh ideas for home workouts and music playlists that are impossible to sit down to.

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    Breaking limits through the power of movement

    Everyone should be able to experience the incredible physical, social and mental benefits movement provides. And we’re acting now to create the world we want to see – one where everyone has the confidence and opportunity to move more. ​​

    That’s why we’ve created the Shield Sbonis' iDiski – in partnership with Coach DJ Mnandi, we are providing dozens of kids across multiple cities in South Africa, like Jozi, Cape Town, and Pretoria with an opportunity to display their soccer skills, and get access to the coaching and mentorship they need to transform their lives through the power of movement.​

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