The different Benefits of antiperspirant deodorants

The Different Benefits Of Antiperspirant Deodorants

We know you’re a busy person – meetings, school runs, gym after work, then traffic. Things can get a little sweaty when you’re out and about. SweatingOpens in a new window - the natural body function in which we regulate our internal body temperature, can be uncomfortable, and a little embarrassing. The resulting marks and spots on our clothes are unwanted side effects, but odour is the biggest issue - we give off body odour when protein in our sweat interacts with the bacteria on our skin.

Luckily, there is a solution: Antiperspirant DeodorantOpens in a new window.
In this article, we try to demystify deodorants to help you make the right choice.

How Many Types of Deodorants Are There?

Deodorant eliminates bacteria present under the arms, keeping you smelling good for longer.

Finding the right antiperspirant deodorant however, can be a bit of a challenge, but the good news is you're definitely spoiled for choice. Shield has a comprehensive range of deodorants specially designed and formulated to suit all requirements. Below are different types of deodorant commonly available in the market today.

Invisible Range Aerosol Antiperspirant Deodorants

Aerosol antiperspirant deodorants are a great formulation for quick refreshes and go on without leaving any residue. This makes this type of deodorant great for after-gym refreshes, to help you quickly freshen up before after-work cocktails or engagements.

Roll-On Deodorant

What Is a Roll-On Deodorant?

A roll-on deodorant is a fast-drying, anti-body odour formulation that comes as a portable stick. The consistency of a roll-on deodorant is smooth and liquid-like, making it easy to cover all contours.

Antiperspirant Deodorant

The two most common questions we get are, “What antiperspirant deodorant stops sweating?”, and “What antiperspirant deodorant to use for smelly armpits?”.
Odour-fighting products can either be deodorant-only (these control odours but don’t stop the sweat), antiperspirant-only (these control sweating), or a combination of the two, also known as antiperspirant deodorants.

Antiperspirant deodorants give you the best of both worlds:

They prevent wetness (by controlling sweat production like antiperspirants), and they fight smell (which is what deodorants do).

Gel Deodorants and Solid Deodorants

What Is the Difference Between Gel vs Solid Deodorants?

While gel deodorants have a viscous consistency, solid deodorants are, as the name states, solid. Solid deodorants are smooth, creamy, or oily and they glide on, leaving a protective layer.

Solid deodorants may or may not leave residue on your skin, depending on their colour and formulation. For a residue-free product, choose an invisible solid deodorant as this type of deodorant glides on clear.

Then there’s the combination of gel and solid, or the ‘soft solid.’ An example of such is the Shield Men Clinical Strength Ultra Fresh Antiperspirant Roll-On. This one is essentially a non-sticky antiperspirant cream for quick and easy grooming. It’s strong and reliable, and controls odour and sweat, and because it’s clinical strength, it’s formulated to be 3x stronger than a regular antiperspirant.

Is Roll On Antiperspirant Deodorant Better Than Aerosol Antiperspirant?

“Yes”, and “No”.
Roll on deodorants and spray deodorants both have their place. You can have both of them in your bathroom and choose whichever one to use depending on your outfit, or how you’ll be spending your day.

Shield Is Designed for Every Occasion

Body odour and perspiration can dampen any occasion, especially if you’re facing a potentially sweaty situation - maybe an interview, a presentation, or even a date.
You can do all these things with confidence and stay dry when you use Shield’s comprehensive range of antiperspirant deodorantsOpens in a new window.

Which type of Shield deodorant will you choose? In case, you don't make up your mind read more on the differences between perfume, cologne, and body spray.