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Terms and Conditions


1.1. The promoter of the Shield “Money Back Guarantee” promotion (the “Promotion”) is Unilever South Africa Proprietary Limited (the “Promoter”).

1.2. The Promotion applies exclusively to the products listed in the annexure (the “Products”) purchased in the Republic of South Africa. For clarity, Products
purchased in Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland are specifically excluded from the Promotion.

1.3. The Promotion begins on 22 February 2021 and ends on 31 May 2021 (the “Promotion Period”) after which date the Promotion will automatically lapse and no further Claims will be accepted.

1.4. The terms and conditions contained in this document are applicable to the Promotion.


2.1. The Promotion is open to all South African residents in possession of a valid identity document who purchase a Product from an authorised retailer and submit a Claim during the Promotion Period.

2.2. Any participant under the age of 18 years must be fully assisted by his/her guardian, who approves of and consents to the participant’s participation in the Promotion.  

2.3. The Promotion is not open to any director, member, partner, employee, agent or consultant of the Promoter, the marketing service providers or any person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by these entities, including their spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members.

2.4. The Promotion is not open to any trade (commercial) purchasers, wholesale purchasers or any person who purchases the Product for resale.


3.1. If you are not satisfied that the Product has fulfilled its “72-hour protection guarantee”, then you may submit a claim for a refund of the price paid for the Product (a “Claim”) by calling our customer care line on 0860 572 861 or by email at You will need to provide us with:

3.1.1. a brief explanation of why you were not satisfied with the Product;

3.1.2. proof of purchase, in the form of a picture of your till slip with the item circled for easy identification (the “Receipt”);

3.1.3. a picture of the Product and its barcode;

3.1.4. your full personal and contact details (including your full names, identity number, physical address, telephone and mobile numbers and email address);

3.2. All valid Claims will be processed with 30 business days from the date on which the Claim process has been completed and all valid claims will receive a full refund of the purchase price of the Product as set out in the Receipt, or for the recommended retail price of the Product (at the election of the Promoter), in the form of an electronic voucher.

3.3. Claims must be completely submitted during the Promotion Period and Claims are limited to one Claim per individual. The Promoter reserves the right to verify the validity of all Claims received and reserves the right to disqualify any person who fails to comply with the Claim process. The Promoter is not responsible for any delayed or misdirected, or illegible Claims.

3.4. No Claim may be submitted to any retailer of the Product.


4.1. The Promotion does not constitute a “promotional competition” for the purposes of the Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (the "CPA"). Notwithstanding this, nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to, or must be understood to restrict, limit or circumvent any rights or obligations, as the case may be, of the consumer in terms of the CPA.

4.2. The Promoter shall use any personal information collected solely for the purposes of fulfilling its obligations arising from or in connection with the Promotion.


shield male roll on  
2237 shield r/on m orig 6x50ml
2238 shield r/on m musk 6x50ml
2239 shield r/on m cool 6x50ml
20269614 shield r/on m xtracool 6x50ml
2250 shield r/on m active 6x50ml
2251 shield r/on m sprint 6x50ml
20066978 shield ro m sportdefence 6x50ml
21113834 shield r/on m inv b+w 6x50ml
67306189 shield ro m invis germ 6x50ml
67386387 shield ro m invis fresh 6x50ml
67777365 shield m invis def ro 6x50ml (shoprite exclusive pirates pack)


shield female roll on  
20230705 shield r/on w shwr fresh6x50ml
2253 shield r/on w classic 6x50ml
2254 shield r/on w sure 6x50ml
2255 shield r/on w musk 6x50ml
2256 shield r/on w confidence 6x50ml
2678 shield r/on w oxygen 6x50ml
20067489 shield r/on w sexy 6x50ml
21113835 shield w r/on invisible 6x50ml
67306187 shield ro w invisiblegerm 6x50ml
67386385 shield ro w invisib fresh 6x50ml


shield male aerosols 150ml  
21105299 shield deoap m original 6x150ml
32005794 shield deoapm frshmuskv1 6x150ml
32006223 shield deoapm xtracoolv1 6x150ml
32019637 shield deoapm invisib b&w6x150ml
67386389 shield deoapm invi fresh 6x150ml


shield female aerosols 150ml  
32016328 shield deoapw freshmusk 6x150ml
32016330 shield deoapw fresh conf 6x150ml
32016331 shield deoapw classicdry 6x150ml
32016334 shield deoapw shower fv1 6x150ml
32016340 shield deoapw invisible 6x150ml
67306192 shield deoapw invis germ 6x150ml
67386383 shield deoapw invis fresh 6x150ml


shield male sachets  
1447 shield sachet m orig 6x50ml
20207596 shield sachetm deo active 6x50ml
1449 shield sachet m musk 6x50ml
21065756 shield sachet m cool 6x50ml


shield female sachets  
1448 shield sachets w classic 6x50ml
1461 shield sachets w musk 6x50ml
20207616 shield sachwdeoconfidence 6x50ml
21065755 shield sachet w sure 6x50ml