Say bye-bye to B.O. with Shield

We all know the feeling - it’s happened countless times and, the chances are high that it will keep happening. We’re talking about the moment when a person enters a room, followed closely by their well-defined body odour – a pungent odour that lingers even after they’ve left.

It’s a common misconception that excessive sweat causes bad odour. While it does contribute to the bad smell overall, it is not the primary cause of the odour. When sweat gathers in damp places like our armpits, germs begin to form until, eventually, we begin to smell ‘ripe’.

However, there’s good news - Shield Germ Defence for men and women is the answer to this age- old ‘odour’ problem. Unlike any other antiperspirant deodorant, it kills 90% of odour causing germs, keeping you protected while leaving you feeling and smelling fresh.

So, the next time that you’re worrying about your B.O. on a hot summer’s day or your sweaty bestie comes in for a hug, know that Shield Germ Defence has you (or any friend or family member) covered.

Shield, It won’t let you down.