How to stop sweat

Sweating can be a touchy subject for most people, especially for those that suffer from excessive sweating. However, we should all find comfort in knowing that sweating is an essential bodily process that cleanses our body of bacteria and keeps us healthy.

6 Tips on How To Stop and Avoid Sweating

Here are a few things you can do to reduce the amount you sweat. Read these simple ways to stop sweating:

Tip 1: Use an effective antiperspirant deodorant

By applying an antiperspirant deodorant on your underarms, you keep sweat and body odour at bay. We recommend that you use a Shield roll-on because it contains aluminum salt – the active ingredient that dissolves into the moisture on the skin’s surface and forms a gel. This gel sits temporarily on top of the sweat gland to reduce the amount of sweat your body releases.

Tip 2: Dry your underarms after showering

Damp skin doesn’t absorb as much antiperspirant product, so it won’t work as effectively.

Tip 3: Wear clothes that curb sweat

The best fabrics to wear are nylon, spandex and bamboo because they absorb sweat so that you can feel dryer and cooler. Nylon is lightweight, wrinkle-resistant and easy to wash; bamboo is gentle on the skin and spandex doesn’t restrict movement. These materials each have unique qualities about them but what they all have in common is that they’re resistant to perspiration.

Tip 4: Avoid certain foods and drinks

Foods and drinks such as alcohol, coffee, energy drinks and spicy food can contribute to making you sweat more.

Tip 5: Take a cold shower

According to research, cold showers cause your blood to circulate at faster rates to help maintain ideal body temperature. They also reduce muscle soreness after intense home workoutsOpens in a new window.

Tip 6: Cool down in front of a fan

Fans are a good investment because they won’t only cool you down, but they control the room temperature as well. All it takes is a few seconds for you to cool down while standing in front of the fan. The cool air circulates over your body and encourages its body temperature to drop and it will dry out any sweat that’s left on your body.

How do I stop sweating feet?

Help sweaty feet by wearing shoes made from materials that draw sweat away from the skin. Sandals or flip-flops in the summer will let your skin breathe.

Say goodbye to sweat and body odour with these simple tips.