An illustration of women's deodorant spray

Women's Deodorant

What does the active woman want in her deodorant? Firstly, a deodorant that keeps her dry and smelling great.

Secondly, the availability of choice in applicator, to help make freshening up quick, simple and effective. Shield’s range of deodorant gives you all of the above, in all forms of applicators.

If you’re reading this, though, you’re most likely a fan of the aerosol kind – so, let’s talk about women’s aerosol deodorants here.

Shield Women's Aerosol Deodorants

Our comprehensive suite of women’s aerosol deodorants is formulated to give you the kind of protection you expect from a Shield product – all-day dryness, smoothness of underarms, and care for your skin. What’s more, each is engineered with beautiful, subtle scents that leave you always smelling great.

What Are The Best Spray Deodorants For Women?

The answer to this question is dependent on what you need from your deodorant.

Perhaps it’s purely sweat protection, or a specific scent. Or maybe it’s a more functional need, like clothing protection. You could even need a deodorant that’s extra kind on the skin.

Whatever you need, Shield has the solution for you in our women’s aerosol deodorant collection.

Let’s have a closer look as a few honourable mentions:

Even Tone

Do you have sensitive skin?

When irritation occurs, skin defences in the underarms go to work. The result can be an uneven look to the skin tone, there.

Shield Women Even Tone antiperspirant is enriched with Vitamin B3 for a formulation that’s even gentler on your sensitive skin.

It also works to help the skin’s natural defences by keeping you dry and smelling great.

With regular use, you’ll notice smoother underarms with visibly more even skin tone after just seven days.

Invisible Black + White

"Are you looking for an aerosol that protects your clothing against the marks and stains that could happen after using antiperspirants?

Shield Women Invisible Black + White is the choice for you.

Developed to protect your clothes against unsightly white marks and stains, Black + White gives you full functionality in an antiperspirant, and keeps you dry and smelling great, of course."

Germ Defence

Are you looking for specialised germ protection?

Introducing, Shield’s antiperspirant deodorant with Germ Defence.

This one will give you 72 hour protection against germs, and it’s formulated with our ground-breaking MotionActived technology. Here’s how it works: motion triggers the body to warm up, initiating sweating via thermoregulation. When this happens, our antiperspirant dissolves to form a sweat-preventing barrier to keep you fresh and dry for longer, as it fends off bacteria and germs.

How Long Do Women's Spray Deodorants Last On Skin?

Shield’s larger range of women’s aerosol deodorants are all developed to protect you for longer and leave you smelling great all day.

Our antiperspirants last up to 72h (apart from our Even Tone offering, which gives you 48h protection).

These are just some of the pioneering products we have on offer in our women’s aerosol deodorant collection. Browse our full range below – there’s an aerosol deodorant for every sweat protection need, and skin-type.