What Ingredients are in Our Antiperspirant Deodorants

What Ingredients are in Our Antiperspirant Deodorants?

When it comes to effective sweat and odour protection, Shield is a name you can count on to never let you down. Providing high-quality, effective antiperspirant deodorants, formulated with the finest ingredients for effective sweat and odour control to keep you smelling fresh and feeling confident, Shield has a reputation for excellence.

Despite offering a product range of quality antiperspirant deodorants though, considering your deodorant is likely something you use daily, that comes into direct contact with your skin, you may have become curious about what exactly goes into our formulations. If that’s you, you’re in luck, because today we’re highlighting our antiperspirant ingredients to give you a sneak peek into the secret behind what makes the Shield range of antiperspirant deodorants stand out! Let’s explore.

The Magic Behind Our Effective Products

Aside from the fine formulation of innovative technologies in each of our antiperspirant deodorant products that’s given Shield its reputation for sweat and odour control success, there’s something else that ensures you can rely on our range. With Shield, you can trust that every item on our antiperspirant deodorant ingredients list has been rigorously tested by our experts before we use it, in line with relevant local and international safety regulations, for quality that doesn’t compromise. So shop the Shield range with the confidence that you’re choosing quality, safe, high-performing products.

Let’s dive into some of the ingredients that make Shield a name you can trust will never let you down.

Aluminium Salts: Your Sweat-Control Superheroes

One of the key ingredients in our antiperspirant deodorants is aluminium salts, a popular active ingredient in deodorants. These superheroes of sweat control help reduce sweat production by forming a gel-like barrier which sits temporarily on top of the sweat gland, reducing the amount of sweat produced, to help keep you dry and comfortable.

Antibacterial Agents: Fighting Odour at Its Source

Odour-causing bacteria can stir up a real stink. That's why our antiperspirant deodorant ingredients include antibacterial properties like those in our Shield Invisible Germ Defence rangeOpens in a new window[. These agents work to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria, reducing the unpleasant smell associated with sweaty underarms. Ensuring you can enjoy long-lasting freshness.

Fragrances: A Pleasant Scent Experience

At Shield, we understand the importance of not only feeling fresh and dry but also smelling fantastic. That's why our deodorant ingredients always include carefully selected, fresh and fun fragrances. Each fragrance is thoughtfully crafted to provide a unique, pleasant and invigorating scent experience so that you can tackle every day confidently without worrying about smelling sweaty.

Palm Oil: For a Pleasant Feel

Palm oil is the ingredient that helps to stabilise our products while improving their texture, to provide a pleasant feeling on the skin during application. So the next time you enjoy the silky smooth application of one of our roll-ons, remember it’s the palm oil providing the luxurious feel.

Stain-prevention Formulations

The Shield Invisible deodorant range contains various stain-prevention ingredients that help to protect your clothes from unsightly stains caused by deodorant application. So that you can stay protected from sweat and odour while keeping your clothes protected too.

MotionActivated Technology for Protection with Every Movement

Shield’s innovative MotionActivated technology in each product’s formulation provides next-level sweat and odour control that’s triggered by movement, ensuring that the more you move the more it works to protect you. This next-gen antiperspirant innovation is one of the ingredients that ensure the Shield range remains a cut above the rest!

With a rich understanding of the ingredients in our products, you can confidently choose the best antiperspirant deodorant for your needs. Explore our Shield range today and discover the perfect combination of sweat control, odour protection and refreshing fragrances. Your journey to long-lasting freshness starts here!