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Understanding The Causes Of Stress Sweating

We all go through instances of high stress. These instances can often manifest as specific side-effects in our bodies that run the gamut from being uncomfortable, to inconvenient, even oftentimes embarrassing.

Stress sweating is one such manifestation – the increase in sweating caused by the stress that comes with psychologically demanding situations. The outcome is a problem that compounds, because once a stressful situation arises, hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, could add an element of increased awkwardness and even further anxiety in a situation that’s already psychologically tough. But why does it happen, and how can we better understand how to keep it under control?

What Causes Stress Sweat Explained

Why do we stress sweat?

It’s all in the biology, and the intricate relationship between our brains and our physiological responses to outside events. When we experience a stressful situation, it’s the autonomic nervous system that is triggered – specific glands are activated via transmitters in the brain, and the nervous system responds as increased sweating in the individual.

What are the situations that cause stress sweat?

The precise situations differ per person and per personality – it’ll depend entirely on what kind of situation an individual finds stressful. Some common instances that have been reported to spark stress sweat flare-ups, could include conflictual situations, public speaking, performing for crowds, and, of course, panic moments like missing deadlines.

How To Manage Stress Sweating

How can I manage stress sweating?

There is a suite of treatments that are specially developed to counter the effects of stress and sweating – some include options in medication and even surgery for the most severe instances. If you find yourself in the grips of stress sweats when situations become a little more psychologically demanding, but are less severe than chronic, there are ways to strategise toward a management routine for your sweat that won’t involve drastic measures.

Your Clothes

Picking clothes crafted from breathable, quality fabrics will help you better regulate your body state, in those instances that get a little taxing.


Look into breathing techniques – there are many that can help counter the chemical process undergone when your brain identifies a stressful moment and tells your body to react through excessive sweat. These techniques can be used to calm the emotional spikes in stress and train your body to react differently when specific stressors come about.

What is the Best Deodorant for Stress Sweat Odour?

Lastly, and perhaps most effectively, is to manage your body’s stress sweat reaction with the preventative measure of using a great anti-perspirant. Shield has that solution for you. We’ve created a suite of hygiene technologies, pioneering the charge in revolutionising how anti-perspirant can better become the answer to excessive sweating, and the discomfort and embarrassment that comes with it.

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