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Top Deodorants for Teens

Navigating the teenage years comes with its own set of challenges, and staying fresh is essential. We've curated a list of the top deodorants that are ideal for teens from the Shield product range that provide effective odour protection and ensure that teens can confidently face their daily activities, whether it's school, sports, or socialising.

Shield’s range of antiperspirant roll-ons are formulated for teens between the ages of 12 and 17. Teens are active and should have the best products when it comes to their personal hygiene and body care. Our range of roll-ons for active teens are gently fragranced and offer effective sweat protection.

The Different Types of Deodorants for Teen Girls & Boys

The teenage years bring about hormonal changes that can result in increased sweating and body odour. Deodorants play a crucial role in helping teens maintain personal hygiene, boost self-esteem, and feel comfortable in their own skin. By using deodorants, teens can focus on their studies, hobbies, and social interactions without worrying about unpleasant odour.

Deodorants come in various forms, catering to the preferences of both teen girls and boys. Roll-ons and sprays offer different application methods, ensuring that teens can choose what suits them best. Additionally, there are deodorants available with scents that appeal to all genders, allowing teens to express their individuality.

Health Repercussions When Teens Don't Use Deodorants at a Young Age

Neglecting to use deodorants during the formative teenage years can lead to social discomfort and potential health issues. Persistent body odour can impact a teen's confidence and interactions with peers. Moreover, not using deodorants may lead to bacterial growth, skin irritation, and infections in the underarm area.

How Shield Can Help Teens With Choosing The Best Deodorants

Navigating the world of personal care products can be overwhelming for teens. Shield steps in as a reliable guide, helping teens make informed decisions about their deodorant choices. We’ve created a range of products specifically designed for teens that are tough on sweat yet gentle on their skin.

Take a look at the products in our roll-ons for teens range now:

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions by teenagers and their parents when it comes to the correct usage of deodorants and roll-ons. We’ve selected a list of the top questions asked, with easy-to-understand answers.

1. What happens if you wear too much deodorant as a teenager?You might end up smelling slightly over-fragranced, but nothing physically will go wrong. Only use one long spray of body spray or one or two rolls of roll-on for great results.
2. What is the right age to start wearing deodorant for teens?When you notice that your teenager is beginning to emit a strong body odour or sweaty smell, it’s the right time to encourage them to begin using a personal hygiene product like a deodorant or roll-on to prevent excessive sweating and odour.

3. Should teenagers wear deodorant every day?It is recommended that teenagers who need to, should wear a deodorant, spray, or roll-on of their choice every day. They can also put it on intermittently throughout the day when they need it.

Choose Shield for a range of products designed for teenagers and their specific needs, offering all day protection to move more.
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