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Tips On How To Stop Sweat Patches

Sweat stains or patches are the absolute pits! Off-putting yellow stains that form on your favourite shirts, and white residue marks that leave you with unwanted zebra-like streaks on your black clothing are unsightly and embarrassing. Not to mention how trying to remove the stains can be so labour-intensive and time-consuming, you’ll be tempted to just throw your favourite tee away.

We know how much of a pain trying to manage those pit stains can be, especially when combined with trying to eliminate body odour and ensure effective sweat controlOpens in a new window. So, Shield is coming through with a couple of solutions to solve: how to stop getting sweat patches on clothes?

When it comes to keeping your clothes sweat patch-free, unfortunately a lot of us only try to find solutions after the sweat-stained fact. In reality, for the ultimate protection from sweat patches, working on a solid prevention strategy is always better than trying to find a cure. So, read on for our 5 best tips to help you stop sweat stains from spoiling your precious clothes. But first, let’s understand sweat patches a little better.

What are sweat patches?

Sweat patches are essentially the marks and stains, from sweat, that form on your clothing. This is usually in the underarm area, resulting in visible yellow staining or white marks on your clothes over time. So essentially, sweating creates wet patches that eventually become sweat stains. But the real cause of the stains is the active ingredients in your antiperspirant deodorantOpens in a new window mixing with your sweat and other natural body oils, resulting in a yellow stain forming on your clothing.

With white sweat stains or patches on your clothes, the story is a little different. The white marks on your clothes are actually the result of powdery residue from your deodorant or antiperspirantOpens in a new window rubbing off onto your clothing.

How to avoid sweat patches on clothes?

Here are our top 5 tips on how to avoid sweat patches forming on your clothes:

Tip 1. Trim or Shave Your Armpit Hair

Shaving or keeping your underarm hair trimmed is a great way to combat sweat patches. Because your underarm hair traps moisture and sweat and slows down their evaporation, this increases the opportunities for your sweat to interact with the aluminium in your antiperspirant and cause a sweat stain. So keep your armpit hair groomed to avoid dealing with grief from sweat stains.

Tip 2. Wear Loose-fitting Clothing

Wearing loose-fitting clothing and fabrics that are more breathable can go a long way in keeping sweat patches at bay. The looser, more breathable fabric makes it easier for your sweat to evaporate and less-likely for deodorant and antiperspirant residue to rub onto your clothing because your clothes aren’t sitting right against your skin. So loosen things up when it comes to your clothing choices to help prevent sweat patches.

Tip 3. Go Easy on Your Deo Application

Slathering on too much deodorant or antiperspirant can surprisingly also lead to the formation of sweat patches. To avoid causing sweat patches on your clothes, go easy on your pits and apply a few swipes or a single layer of your go-to antiperspirant to prevent product residue build-up and sweat stains.

Tip 4. Keep Cool and Hydrated

Keeping hydrated is an effective way to help keep your body cool and as a result, prevent excessive underarm sweating. The less you sweat, the less likely you are to develop sweat patches, so drink plenty of water and eat hydrating foods.

Tip 5. Use an Effective Antiperspirant

An effective antiperspirant, like the ones in our Shield range, is the best way to prevent sweat patches as it reduces the amount of sweat your body releases. Which reduces the likelihood of sweat patches forming.

Our range of innovative hygiene technologies are specially formulated to protect you from sweat and odour so that you can stay smelling fresh and feeling confidently dry all day long. Better yet, to help you prevent residue marks and stains on your clothing, our Shield Invisible Black + White Antiperspirant roll-ons are formulated with anti-mark hygiene technology to give you less product build-up but with the same 72-hour sweat protection. Helping to keep your clothes protected.


How to stop sweat patches?

For sweat patches caused by excessive sweating, try our Shield Clinical Protection Antiperspirants - a clinical strength antiperspirant range that provides you with 3x more strength than a regular antiperspirant deodorant, for ultimate sweat control. Stay fresh-fragranced and dry all day long with our Shield Clinical Protection Roll-ons.

How to avoid sweat patches and stains?

Sweat patches can be a pain to deal with, so practice some preventative care with our tips to keep sweat patches at bay. To target sweat patches at the root of the problem, use any one of our innovative Shield products for long-lasting sweat and odour protection. Trust Shield, it won’t let you down.