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Tips On How To Pick The Ideal Deodorant For Men

It can be argued that a man’s choice in deodorant should be a key feature to his overall hygiene routine – a trademark to his scent and personal grooming style.

When talking features of a deodorant, though, the discerning gent shouldn’t only be dwelling on the best smelling deodorant for men. There are key features to each offering that must be explored, so that not only will he find the scent that suits him, but he’ll have a product that answers two other vital questions: what’s the best men’s deodorant to keep dry, and what’s the best long-lasting deodorant for men?
The intricacies to picking the ideal deodorant for men, then, encompass a number of boxes that must be ticked.

Shield’s range of antiperspirant and deodorant products meet the criteria specific to your needs, just with one overall built-in promise – all will keep you protected against body odour and excessive sweating, so that you stay fresh all day. Let’s talk here around some of the most important qualities of a good deodorant for men, and then some of the pioneering Shield products that align.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Deodorant For Men?

When it comes to the technicalities of a deodorant, you’ll most likely already know what you like – roll-on, gel, or spray? Must it be a deodorant, antiperspirant or a combination? Every user has a taste geared towards specific individual features of how a deodorant needs to present. At Shield, though, we take a pioneering stance with this regard, by making sure our innovations have the right technical features, but with unmatched levels of efficacy in functionality.

Here are just some of our world-class hygiene products, each spearheading a directive of more effectiveness, less fluff, in the hygiene and scent space:

Everyday Freshness

Shield Men Dry Original Antiperspirant

No sweat, no odour, just 72 hour protection, wrapped up in a great scent that complements your masculine air. This product also features Shield’s MotionActivated technology – the more you move, the better you’re protected.

Learn more on how Shield Men Dry Original Antiperspirant works.

Shield Men Fresh Xtra Cool Antiperspirant

Whether you seek an antiperspirant for an after-workout cool down, or just to keep you dry and fresh throughout a busy workday, this one could be the answer for you. It’s a long-lasting entry – 72 hour protection – and also features the more-movement-the-better-the-freshness feature of our MotionActivated formula.

Browse our Shield Men product range.

Heavy Duty Dryness

Shield Men Clinical Strength Ultra Fresh Antiperspirant

This one’s for the excessive sweat and out-of-control odour. A non-sticky antiperspirant cream for quick application, and extended, 96-hour freshness, Clinical Strength Ultra Fresh is formulated to be three times more effective at maintaining dryness and odour control, than regular antiperspirants.

The No-Stain Range

An effective deodorant doesn’t need to be just a recipe of pleasant-smelling ingredients. It’s not just a masker of odour or wicker of moisture.
It can also be an entirely functional product, that covers the gamut of hygiene.

Shield Men Invisible Fresh Antiperspirant

Like our core range, Invisible Fresh is a no sweat, no odour, antiperspirant, giving you a 72 hour protection, and a fresh, masculine, all day smell.
Built-in here, though, is revolutionary anti-mark technology, that protects your clothes against the build-up of stains.Click more to find out more Read through our product range and see how you can prevent under arm stains with 72 hour protection from sweat and odour.

Sensitive Skin? Shield’s Got You Covered

Not every man will have the same skin tolerance as the next. In fact, uneven skin tone and irritation can occur in the everyday deodorant user, just as much as the highly active.

Shield has a way for you to be kinder to your skin:

Our Even Tone product has vitamin B3 added – a mild mix that works to reduce underarm marks in just seven days, with regular use.

This modified formula, however, doesn’t falter in providing that 48 hour protection against odour and moisture – it just has the extra feature of being gentler on your skin.

As mentioned, these are just a few of the ideal picks, in our vast range of innovative hygiene technologies. Each housing features of long-lasting protection, effective moisture prevention, all encompassed in scents of freshness and masculinity. So, whether you seek the best smelling deodorant for men or the best long-lasting men’s deodorant, Shield’s pioneering deodorant products are the solution – with extra features built-in.