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Pick The Best Women's Deodorant That Works For You

Choosing the right deodorant for your skin-type is often a factor that’s overlooked by many when they’re standing in the antiperspirant and deodorant aisle.

Antiperspirants and deodorantsOpens in a new window shouldn’t only be selected for nice smells. Advancements in technology when it comes to ingredients, have grown to include formulations that act to protect your skin.

Because you’re an active woman – whatever that means for you, gym, meetings, kids, life – you want to stay smelling great all day, but also, you want to know that your antiperspirant is protecting the delicate skin you apply it to.

Shield’s range of antiperspirant technologies do just that. There are types and formulations to suit your needs, and each is developed within a superb scent that matches your style.

But which one is right for you? Do you need an aerosol or roll-on? Let’s look into it.

Tips on How To Choose A Deodorant for Ladies

Tip 1: Sprays

Sprays are a go-to application for many women. They provide great coverage under the arm – or to wherever you want to apply it, for that matter.

When it comes to sprays, though, care must be taken when it comes to ingredients. Some are alcohol-based, meaning that they could be irritating to shaven skin.

Shield’s aerosols are specially formulated to be kind on your skin – even if you shave your underarms. From our Fresh range to our Confidence line and our Even Tone offering, we have the gentle antiperspirant for your skin. And each in an individually developed scent, to suit your style.

Tip 2: Roll-On

Roll-on is an option that does much to counter the sensitivity to sprays, mentioned above. Most roll-ons are formulated with dimethicone for consistency of feel. This ingredient helps to soothe skin that’s been shaved.
What’s more, roll-ons are even more portable – Shield roll-on antiperspirants come in a small, grip-able bottle that’s easy to take wherever and apply whenever

Tip 3: The Scent

Once you know your applicator style, and the formulation you need for your skin-type, next is the scent.

Do you prefer floral? How about a musk? Or those fresh after-shower notes?

Shield’s range is diverse in scents – there’s a fragrance to suit everyone, and to please every nose upon application.

Tip 4: Stain Prevention

Using antiperspirant can cause a build-up of residue that often leaves white marks and stains on your precious clothing.

Introducing, Shield’s pioneering Invisible Black + White for women.

This is an addition that’s specially engineered to protect your clothing with anti-mark technology that prevents stains.

So yes, Shield products have form in easy-to-use applicators, and function in skin protection, sweat prevention and beautiful scents, but also efficacy in protecting your precious garments.

What are the qualities of a good deodorant for women?

Simply put, a deodorant shouldn’t just conceal sweat and odour, but do a lot to work for you by protecting your skin, while keeping you dry and smelling great all day long.

Shield’s range of the best deodorant for women, does all of that for you, but also has some unique technology in the mix – MotionActivated.

How do Shield women’s deodorants work?

The science behind this technology is revolutionary: motion triggers the body to warm up, initiating sweating via thermoregulation. When this happens, our antiperspirant dissolves to form a sweat-preventing barrier to keep you fresh and dry for longer.

For women's deodorant that helps with smell, sweat and skin irritation, shop our comprehensive range of Shield products nowOpens in a new window.