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man walking up stairs

Sweat the small stuff with Shield

Sometimes we get so caught up in the kind of exercise that we do, we often lose sight of the movements that we make every second - it’s these types of movements that often go unaccounted for. If you add up all of these small, daily movements, they create a big chunk of completely thoughtless movement and activity. This is where Shield MotionSense™ antiperspirant comes in - it’s designed for movers; you, your friends and every person that is breathing. If you move, you sweat, and MotionSense™ is designed to keep you protected and feeling comfortable while you move.

There are simple changes that we can make if we want to make big changes in our lives. For example, if you measure your movements and start simply by tracking your footsteps daily, you will be surprised as to how many footsteps you take, even in the confines of an office. Let’s start celebrating these movements - the more we move, the more we get out of life. This is where the world’s first antiperspirant technology of its kind is designed to work with your body.

Why not try taking the stairs for a week, and forget about the elevator? After all, it’s those few extra footsteps that will contribute to a more active, healthier, happy person - and it all starts with a single step! Now you don’t have to worry about those sneaky sweat patches that make an appearance when you exert yourself or out of the blue perspiration because Shield MotionSense™ antiperspirant deodorant protects you by releasing freshness while you move.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that a little progress is a whole lot better than no progress at all, and Shield is with you every step of the way. Let’s celebrate the movements that give us more from our lives - these small actions can be liberating when we’re aware of them. 

We say: sweat the small stuff - you won’t be sorry. No matter what type of mover you are, embrace your movements!

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