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Stay fresh this summer

The holidays are finally here. It’s time to catch-up with friends and soak up some sun. The last thing you’d want to do is limit your activities for the fear of sweat. 

Shield, the leaders in personal care, have the solution. It’s MotionSense™ Technology; the world’s first antiperspirant activated by movement. When you move, unique microcapsules release fragrance to keep you fresh throughout the day. Simply put, the more you move, the more it works.

Shield have also released a new variant, Germ Defence, just in time for the hot, sweaty summer days. Bad odour is caused by germs, which form and gather in damp areas like the armpits. Luckily, NEW Shield Germ Defence, eliminates over 90% of these odour causing germs and together with MotionSense™ Technology, keeps you feeling fresher for longer. 

So this festive season, don’t limit yourself and your movements. Live more knowing that Shield with MotionSense™ Technology and the New Germ Defence will keep you fresh and smelling great with every move.

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