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Sometimes the truth stinks, says Shield

It’s one thing to sit in a taxi next to a stranger with bad body odour. However, when it’s a close friend or family member (or even your plus one! Cringe!), things tend to get a little awkward.

Shield Germ Defence for men and women is the answer to all of those awkward B.O. moments and encounters that we dread so much.

It gives you 10x more protection against odour causing germs that thrive in damp, sweaty areas like our armpits. Shield Germ Defence has special technology that fights these germs, keeping you, your friends and loved ones protected all day.

So, the next time that you get a bad whiff of someone close to you, instead of enduring the smell, rather suggest a change of antiperspirant – we guarantee that they’ll thank you for it!.

Shield, It won’t let you down.


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