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Shield launches ‘it’s your move’ campaign with Unathi and Janez

You may have heard about the latest Shield campaign which aims to promote the launch of the world’s first antiperspirant that is activated by motion.

The Shield campaign launched on June 6 and is challenging our two ambassadors to 'out move' one another in their daily activities, all while using new Shield MotionSense to stay protected.

“We want people to be aware of just how much they move in their daily lives – from getting your child ready in the mornings to walking the dog, running between meetings or working out,” says Bakani Ntaisi, brand manager at Unilever.

Unathi and Janez are both active and on the move non-stop. Between their busy careers, family lives and exercise routines, they are the ideal movers to demonstrate to the public that movement isn’t only restricted to the gym. You can get involved by suggesting what challenges you think the pair should do next via Twitter and Instagram by uploading an image or a video, tagging @shieldza and using #ShieldItsYourMove to be entered into the grand draw where you stand a chance to win an opportunity to do their challenge with either Unathi or Janez.

If you’re wondering how Unathi and Janez manage body odour and excessive sweating while on the move, be sure to check our Shield MotionSense for men and women

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