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Roll-Ons for Teenagers

Being a teen can be tough. It’s exciting to be approaching adulthood, but lots of changes are happening, especially in the body, so the journey can start off a little bit rough.

As your teen’s body undergoes those changes, they may experience new levels of sweating and odour.

Shield’s roll-on for teenagers is specially formulated to help counter those bouts of sweats, as they go about their day tackling classes, enjoying their extracurriculars, and hanging out with friends.

What’s more, each of our roll-ons for teenagers protects against the embarrassing odours that come along, leaving your teen always smelling fresh, as they stay dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Shield Teens Roll-On Deodorants

Let’s take a look at some of the premier roll-ons for teenagers in our comprehensive range:

Best Roll-On Deodorant For A Teenage Girl

Shield Teens Fruit Spin – co-created with parents and teens, deals with sweating for confidence throughout the day.

Shield Teens Fresh Twist – all-day protection and sweat control, wrapped up in a fresh, light scent.

Shield Teens Flower Power – a pleasant, yet subtle floral fragrance to fight odour all day.

Best Roll-On Deodorant For A Teenage Boy

Shield Teens Ice Kick – fresh scent to fight odour and manage excessive sweating.

Shield Teens Fresh Boost – all-day protection against perspiration and odour for active teens.

Shield Teens Cool Blast – powerful sweat-fighting formulation for the active guy, wrapped up in a cool, fresh scent.

How Long do Teenager's Roll-On Deodorants Last On Skin?

If the sweaty moments happen, you want your teen to be fully protected, so they can carry on their day with confidence.

Shield’s comprehensive range of sweat and odour fighting roll-ons for teenagers are designed to last all day long. This means that as they face the everyday challenges and triumphs of being a teen, they’ll never have to worry about sweat, and they’ll always be smelling great.

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