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Chelsea new season

New season, new look for Chelsea FC!

Chelsea FC has been hard at work during the offseason honing their skill and upping their fitness in preparation for the busy season ahead. Confidence is on their side after taking home the Premier League Cup, so let’s see if they can handle the pressure again this season! Ngena Kwi game!

To kick things off in style and celebrate their new endorsement deal with Nike, the boys have a slick new kit. Check it out below and tell us what you think! This is just the start to a challenging season ahead, but with the right amount of preparation, dedication and focus, you can take on any challenge.

Stay up to date with all the action this season as Chelsea take to the pitch:

Keep your eyes on our page for all the action, updates and highlights! Skhokho se game say it’s going to be a season to watch!

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