An illustration of an men's aersol deodorant

Men's Spray Deodorants

Oh, you’re an aerosol kind of guy.
Great choice.
Aerosols provide excellent coverage on application, they dry fast, and leave none of the residue that other forms of deodorant can.
Shield’s range of men’s aerosol deodorants are specially formulated to keep your underarms dry, and odour at bay, so that you stay fresh all day long.

So, whether you’re hitting the gym, rushing to meetings, or having fun with the family, you’ll be dry, and smelling great, when you use Shield men’s deodorant spray, every day.

What are the Best Spray Deodorants for Men

The answer to this is purely a matter of taste.

But Shield has the solution for you.

Germ Defence

Do you need a men’s spray on deodorant with specialised germ protection?

Try Shield’s antiperspirant deodorant with Germ Defence.

No sweat, no odour, just 72 hour protection against germs, and formulated to help you beat those potentially sweaty moments with our MotionActivated technology – the science behind this feature is pioneering. Here’s how it works: motion triggers the body to warm up, initiating sweating via thermoregulation. When this happens, our antiperspirant dissolves to form a sweat-preventing barrier to keep you fresh and dry for longer.

Invisible Black + White

Are you looking for an aerosol that not only keeps you fresh, but protects your clothing against the marks and stains that could build-up after using antiperspirants?

Shield Men Invisible Black + White is your go-to.

Developed to both protect you against sweat and odour, and your clothes against unsightly white marks and stains, Black + White gives you full functionality in an antiperspirant, while keeping you dry and smelling great.

Even Tone

Do you struggle with extra sensitive skin under your arms?

When irritation occurs, skin defences in that area go to work to protect your underarms. The result can be an uneven look to the skin tone.

Shield Men Even Tone antiperspirant is enriched with Vitamin B3 – it’s kinder on the skin and helps its natural defences by keeping you dry and smelling great, while working to reduce underarm marks in just seven days (with regular use).

How Long do Men's Spray Deodorant Last On Skin?

Built into the design of our world-class antiperspirants, is a long-lasting effect to keep you comfortable all day.

Our men’s aerosol deodorants are developed to last up to 72 hours, so you can be confident that you’ll be fresher, for longer.

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