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Shield spray

Launch of Shield Motionsense™

Shield, South Africa’s number 1 selling deodorant has launched their latest innovation, NEW Shield MotionSense™. What’s different you ask? It’s an antiperspirant with unique microcapsules that are activated by movement. This is a breakthrough technology that delivers bursts of freshness as you move, assisting in odour control and sweat management. 

The launch of NEW Shield MotionSense™ was held on the 26 February 2016 in Cape Town. The gorgeous TV personality, Unathi Msengana, MC’d the launch. She shared her story about how she’s been using Shield since high school. As a busy person, Unathi reiterated the functional benefits of antiperspirant deodorants.

She was quoted as saying “when you constantly have to stop and think ‘do my armpits stink?’ it kind of hinders your confidence, so Shield MotionSense™ takes away that trouble and allows you to focus on your dreams.” Shield MotionSense™ works while you move so that you can focus on what you’re doing and never have to be pre-occupied with odour.

Also present to share what Shield has been up to was Brand Manager at Unilever, Sue Carruthers who said: “moving and being active is part of our everyday lives – the way we walk, run, dance and play. Understanding how the body moves has helped us develop this revolutionary antiperspirant technology.” 

Dance group Door 6 Entertainment performed unique dances that highlight everyday movement. The silhouette dance segment was something truly exceptional which was enjoyed by all guests. 

Shield MotionSense™ is made especially for those unexpected moments when the adrenalin starts pumping and the sweat starts flowing. These moments can happen anywhere and at any time of the day. Thanks to the unique body-responsive technology which releases protection when you need it, you’ll never have to worry about sweat and odour, or reapplying your antiperspirant again. As from the 1st of March, Shield MotionSense™ will be available nationwide, for both men and women, in antiperspirant, roll-on and aerosol options.

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