Keep moving with Shield

Shield launched the world’s first antiperspirant with Motionsense™ microcapsules that are activated by movement.

Motionsense™ antiperspirant works with the body to release microcapsules of fragrance while you move. The more you move, the harder Shield Motionsense™ works to keep you protected and leave you feeling fresh.

This is a breakthrough moment for a brand that has facilitated an active consumer base, a brand known for keeping you fresh in high pressure situations, which now keeps you feeling fresh and confident, even while you move.

Shield has designed its product so that confidence is at an all-time high. MotionSense™ antiperspirant will be available in the following aerosol variants for men: Shield Fresh Musk, Active Dry, Cool Dry, Original Dry, Sport Defense, Sprint Dry, Xtracool, Invisible Black & White as well as the following Roll-ons: Shield Fresh Musk, Active Dry, Cool Dry and Original Dry, as well as the following variants for women: Classic Dry, Fresh Musk, Fresh Confidence, Oxygen Fresh, Sure Dry, Ultra Dry Cream, Sensitive, Invisible Black and White, Shower Fresh, Sexy Boutique.

Gone are the days of holding back, sitting on the side-lines and waiting for your moment. Your moment has arrived. Shield is giving you everything that you need to live the most active life possible. It’s so easy to get caught up in how much we’re doing, that we often forget about the movements that we make every day - these small movements collectively have the potential to make a world of difference to our daily exercise routine.