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Jumpstart 2017 with Shield

Jumpstart 2017 with Shield

The holidays are over and it’s another opportunity for you to set new goals and get active. Gyms experience their biggest upsurge in memberships during this time of the year, so it’s pretty safe to say that getting active is on everyone’s mind. Just make sure that you’ve got an odour-busting antiperspirant as you begin this journey. 

Shield MotionSense™ for men and women is the world’s first antiperspirant with unique microcapsules activated by movement - ideal for when you embark on your 2017 fitness journey.

So this year, when you’re sweating it out at the gym or making your way round the block for those weekly runs, remember that it’s important to give yourself the best protection, especially when it comes to excessive sweating and odour control.

Remember to include Shield MotionSense™ in your fitness regime this year - it’s sure to keep you fresher for longer.

Shield , It won’t let you down.

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