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Man cutting wood

Janez makes his move

Our male ambassador for the Shield ‘It’s Your Move’ campaign is Mzansi’s very own poster boy - dad, athlete, heart throb, Muay Thai enthusiast, model but most importantly, a mover non other than Janez Vermeiren.

Like Unathi, on top of a formidable career as a television personality, Janez finds time to run his beautiful family, serve as a devoted husband and did we mention he’s a handyman as well? Yes, while he’s always active, it’s the fact that his daily activities keep him on the move that make him the perfect fit for this campaign.

So far, Janez has been an entertainer with Unathi challenging him to the office mini golf course, a brisk run with his beloved dogs, and some good old DIY in his very own handy man room at home. He worked up a sweat doing everyday things we sometimes regard as mundane.

He’s not only a gym fanatic, we can see that he’s always on the go, and whether it’s in his DIY room or at work, Shield MotionSense protects him from odour while keeping him fresh. Check out the challenges he’s been up to in the campaign by following us on Instagram @shieldza

Shield MotionSense, the world’s first antiperspirant activated by movement, keeps Janez protected throughout the day. He knows that the more he moves, the more Shield MotionSense works to keep him protected.

He knows the stresses of worrying about odour, but he chooses not to let that stop him from getting the most out of life. This thinking that lies at the heart of the campaign: move more, live more.

Shield MotionSense isn’t about being protected when you’re on the sports field - it’s about being protected every moment of the day. Whether you’re on your way to your next meeting, enjoying some family time or simply, remember, you’re moving, and Shield MotionSense.

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