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Shield Anitperspirant Ambassador holding new Shield 72hr protection roll on product

Introducing: New Shield Advanced 72-hour Protection

Shield, South Africa’s number one selling deodorant and antiperspirant brand, has launched Shield 72hr Advanced Protection antiperspirant. So, whether you are taking a morning run, an afternoon dance class, Shield's New 72 hour protection antiperspirant will make movement all the more enjoyable - here’s why:

72 Hours of Advanced Protection

Using deodorant should already be part of your daily routine, but if you find yourself feeling sweaty by midday, it might be time to find a better-quality antiperspirant like Shield's New 72-hour protection antiperspirant. Whether it’s a stressful situation like a big presentation at work or simply talking yourself through an intense workout session, Shield's New 72-hour protection antiperspirant is clinically proven to eliminate odour causing germs. That way, you can feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Motion activated for your fresher moves

A little sweat during a workout is normal, but excessive sweating that controls your life is sometimes unbearable. Shield's New 72 hour protection antiperspirant exceeds expectations by offering *advanced sweat protection against body odour your arms after exercise. So the more you move, the more Shield's New 72 hour antiperspirant protects, as it is MotionActivated maintaining freshness throughout the day.

Exclusive antiperspirant technology

Don’t allow armpit sweat to interfere with your daily life. Shield's New 72 hour protection antiperspirant offers *superior wetness protection in moments that matter. Shield's New 72 hour protection antiperspirant provides more protection at 72 Hours than a basic antiperspirant does at 24 or 48 Hours.

Keeps odour at bay

Keeping body odour in check is something that we can all appreciate. Thankfully, Shield's New 72 hour advanced protection antiperspirant is designed to provide 72 Hours protection* against odour causing germs and, together with game-changing patented technology ensures that the more you move, the more it works, providing you with reliable odour control.

Long lasting freshness

The next generation in antiperspirants, Shield's New 72 hour protection antiperspirant is a favourite among reviewers with comments like, “It works as well as some of the clinical strength ones I’ve used, but I preferred this one” and “No need to reapply, I can rely on this no matter the situation”. So say goodbye to sweat and body odour with Shield’s New 72 hour protection antiperspirant, as it ensures long-lasting freshness with more moments of confidence.

*Disclaimer: Protection against representative odour causing skin germs (Staphylococcus epidermidis) versus the use of a regular soap alone.

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