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Goodbye Dark Marks, Hello Even Tone

Reduce underarm dark marks in just 7 days, with NEW Shield Even Tone

Research shows that at least 86% of South African women are concerned about dark underarm marks, and this does very little for your confidence. This is why Shield is proud to introduce new Shield Even Tone with Vitamin B3, in time for you to say goodbye dark marks, hello even tone in just 7 days!

Dark marks under your arms are caused by hair removal and other factors that damage the skin. To reverse this damage, simply apply New Shield Even Tone to your underarms, every day and you will notice the difference in just 7 days. To see major improvements, we advise that you continue using Even Tone, because, with regular hair removal, your underarm skin will get damaged, making it dark and dry, again. But with continuous use of New Shield Even Tone - your skin will retain its natural pigmentation and that’s the power of Shield Even Tone with Vitamin B3.

Now you can give those high fives, reach for objects high above and wear your favourite sleeveless tops without having to worry about dark marks under your arms. Protection from excessive sweating and body odour? This has been our trademark since inception, and we have not compromised on that. Say Goodbye Dark Marks, Hello Even Tone.

New Shield Even Tone, is now available at all major retailers.

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