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Don’t forget your daily moves with Shield

Human beings don’t stop moving - from morning until night, we’re active, busy creatures. It’s what comes naturally to us. However, it’s not just exercise that gets us moving! Getting up in the morning, preparing for the day, rushing to get to work on time, pacing up and down the office, these activities all play a part in contributing to our ‘on the go’ lifestyle.

We move more than we realise, our daily activities add up and with new MotionSense™, the more you move, the more it protects you from excessive sweating and body odour.

It’s when you’re spending time with your family, or simply climbing the stairs that the moving really happens. Shield knows that when we move more, we get more out of life. We explore, learn and take in new things, allowing for fresh, new experiences without letting sweat and body odour get in the way.

The average person will walk around the earth three times in their lifetime. This adds up to roughly 216,262,500 footsteps, which shows us how much those smaller activities add up, they are the movements we don’t always think about. 

With unique microcapsules that are activated by movement, new Shield MotionSense keeps you protected throughout the day. The more you move, the more it works!

Gone are the days of worrying about odour with our new, innovative technology that is changing the landscape of antiperspirants around the world! 

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