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Shield Germ Defence antiperspirant range for men and women

Everything you need to know about Shield Germ Defence Antiperspirant

Day-to-night protection

Did you know that the average person takes 2000-4000 steps a day? We move more than we think - everything from getting up in the morning, beating that deadline or breaking a sweat during our home workouts requires movement. Due to this busy, fast-paced everyday lifestyle, it’s normal for our bodies to react by sweating. However, sweating can sometimes lead to bad body odour, which can affect our confidence and ability to live our lives to the fullest.

The good news is that Shield Germ Defence antiperspirant can keep sweat and body odour at bay. Here’s everything you need to know about the Shield Germ Defence range:

  • NEW Shield Germ Defence antiperspirant deodorant with MotionSenseTM Technology eliminates over 90% of odour causing bacteria so that you are guaranteed to stay confident and smell fresh with every move that you make. Bad odour is caused by germs that thrive in damp, sweaty areas like our armpits and this antiperspirant ensures that doesn’t happen.
  • It provides 10 times more protection* against odour causing germs. This new variant, together with MotionSense™ Technology for men and women, releases unique microcapsules that are activated by movement, which means that the more you move, the more it works. 
  • This antiperspirant is infused with heart notes of elemi, ginger and pink peppercorn that gives the female fragrance its distinctive, natural scent. While background notes of amber, musk and sandalwood ensure a finish of elegance.
  • The male antiperspirant, on the other hand, gives a fresh, bergamot citrus sparkle that adds vibrancy to the masculine blend of aromatic herbs found in the fragrance.
  • With this deodorant, you’re free to move forward with your life without the stress of bad body odour because Shield can ensure odour control and comfort.

*Disclaimer: Protection against representative odour causing skin germs (Staphylococcus epidermidis) versus use of a regular soap alone.

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