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woman drinking water in heat

Beat the January heat with Shield

January is the month of goals, resolutions and it’s tough to miss the scorching heat. Naturally, you would be concerned about excessive sweating and bad body odour. Research has shown that 25% of South Africans worry about how much they sweat, and how others perceive them. In severe cases, it even causes social anxiety – let’s be real, no one wants to be seen with unsightly sweat patches, and this can make it tough for you to focus on your goals for the year.

Luckily, Shield has your back with a solid solution to the January heat - Shield Clinical Protection for men and women. This variant is a first for Shield - the cream formula allows for the delivery of advanced TRIsolid technology. The formula combines maximum wetness protection and encapsulated odour fighting technology with skin moisturising ingredients for sweaty days. It’s a sure way to feel fresh, even in the heat.

So take 2017 to the next level and try Shield’s next level protection - you’ll feel confident, not just in summer but all year round.

Shield, It won’t let you down.

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