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5 Ways to Avoid Perspiring/Sweating at Work

Whether it’s while you’re getting down on the dance floor; chasing after the kids; getting a good workout in; or about to lead an important presentation, a little sweat is likely to creep in. And while a little sweat here and there is totally natural, in certain situations - like the workspace - sweat-stained shirts just don’t cut it.

So, because we know keeping cool and dry is usually the goal wherever you go - unless you’re going swimming - Shield has come up with some top tips to help you prevent sweat-soaked work days. On any given day in the office, there are a lot of pressures for you to deal with. From demanding clients to deadlines to critical colleagues, once you’re on the clock, the pressure is usually on too. So read on as we unpack 5 ways to help you prevent workplace perspiration.

5 ways to avoid sweating at work

1. Use an effective antiperspirant

A good quality antiperspirant deodorant can help to prevent and control excessive sweating so that you can keep dry and stay fresh all day long. When it comes to sweat control, Shield should be your go-to. The Shield range of antiperspirant deodorantsOpens in a new window is specially formulated with Shield’s innovative MotionSense technology which releases unique microcapsules that are activated by movement. So the more you work, the more it works to protect you so that you stay dry and smell fresh all day long. So try Shield’s Men Dry Original Roll-On AntiperspirantOpens in a new window or Shield’s Women Dry Confidence Antiperspirant Roll-OnOpens in a new window for 72-hour sweat protection so that you can take on every work day like a boss.

2. Breathable fabrics are your BFF

Wearing clothes made out of light, breathable fabrics will go a long way in helping you avoid sweating at work. Breathable fabrics allow a little airflow which can help to dry out underarm dampness. Lighter fabrics also make it easier to keep cool, making it less likely that you’ll start to sweat. Leaving you with one less thing to worry about while you work.

3. Keep cool

Sweating is the body’s way of keeping cool, so if you want to avoid workplace perspiration, help your body out by keeping your office space as cool as possible. Consider getting a small desk fan or if you work in a shared office space, check with your colleagues if they’d like a cooler environment too and then speak to your supervisor about ways to make it happen.

4. Cut back on the caffeine

These days it’s hard to come by an office space that doesn’t serve coffee. The reality is though that caffeine - which is present in most coffee beverages - is a stimulant. The stimulant triggers your sweat glands into overdrive, causing you to sweat. So, depending on your tolerance, one cup of coffee could give you an energy boost or leave you dripping sweat. So if you think drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages is what’s causing a sweaty pour down, reduce your caffeine intake to prevent workplace sweats.

5. Preparation to prevent workplace perspiration

There are so many factors that can cause you to sweat at work. So, when you can, it’s helpful to do a little preparation to avoid perspiring at work. You can do this by packing a spare shirt to change into for sweat emergencies, or try preparing for interactions that can stress you out and cause you to sweat. So the next time you have a big meeting coming up, mentally prepare yourself as best as you can so that you aren’t so anxious when it’s go-time. Make sure you pack a Shield antiperspirant in your work bag too, so that you can enter the office with the confidence that you’re dry and smelling great.

With Shield as your first line of defence though, worrying about sweating at work will be a thing of the past. So trust Shield to protect you from sweat and odour in the office because it won’t let you down.