Applying Shield Roll on

Roll on Protection

Whether darting around the soccer field or pumping iron at the gym, you probably know what it’s like to build-up a sweat and know the importance of smelling fresh.

The Shield Roll On range has a long-standing history in South Africa and for good reason. This tried and tested antiperspirant has been an essential part of a man’s grooming regime for over 100 years. It is the preferred range to help keep fresh, dry and confident all-day long.

So, whether in the workplace or on the sports field, trust Shield Roll On to give you 48 hours of protection from sweat. It won’t let you down.

Performance Under Pressure:

When the heat is on, and the pressure is high, you need a reliable antiperspirant that can keep up with your pace. Shield Roll On is designed to deliver optimal performance, no matter how strenuous the activity. Trust Shield to stay fresh and maintain your cool when the situation heats up, ensuring you are always in your A-game, both in sports and in life.

Ingredients and Formula:

Shield Roll Ons are formulated with top-quality ingredients to ensure effective protection against sweat and odour. Our range is carefully developed to suit different skin types, providing a gentle yet powerful defence against perspiration, leaving a refreshing and subtle fragrance. Dive into the world of Shield and discover the science behind our long-lasting protection.

Fragrance Variety:

Explore our array of exquisite fragrances, each meticulously crafted to suit your personality and preference. Whether you prefer a bold, invigorating scent or a subtle, refreshing whisper, Shield has something for everyone. Choose your signature scent from our varied range and feel confident wherever you go.

Long-Lasting Protection:

Say goodbye to the constant worry of body odour and excessive sweating. With up to 48 hours of protection, Shield Roll On gives you the confidence to tackle your day head-on. Whether it’s a long day at work or an intense workout session, Shield ensures you stay dry and smell great, all day, every day.

Eco-friendly Packaging:

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our eco-friendly packaging. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint by using recyclable materials and implementing sustainable practices in our manufacturing process. Choose Shield, and join us in our mission to preserve the planet for future generations.

User Testimonials:

Hear from our loyal customers who have experienced the unrivalled protection of Shield Roll On! Discover how Shield has been an integral part of their daily lives, providing them with the freshness and confidence to face any challenge. Whether you are a sportsperson, a fitness enthusiast, or just someone who values feeling fresh, find out how Shield can make a difference in your life.

Where to Buy:

Locate the nearest store or shop online to purchase your favourite Shield Roll On products. We are available in various retail outlets and online platforms, ensuring you can easily find and buy our products wherever you are. Experience the freshness and protection of Shield by getting yours today!

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