Shield South Africa

Deodorants and antiperspirants work in different ways to reduce body odour. Deodorants protect against odour, while antiperspirants work against producing sweat. Antiperspirants and deodorants both help to keep you fresh. An antiperspirant can also be a deodorant because it can stop sweating and it contains fragrance.

Shield Unilever is the undisputed market leader in the deodorants and antiperspirants category. It offers you ultimate protection from sweat and odour with its ever-evolving and antiperspirant technology.

Shield South Africa offers you a range of specifically created innovative hygiene technologies to make the world’s leading antiperspirant even better than before.

Shield for Men, Women and Teens

What Does Shield Do?

Shield’s antiperspirant and deodorant products are specially formulated to keep you protected against unpleasant odour and excessive sweating so that you smell fresh all day long. These products keep your underarms soft and dry while keeping sweat and odour at bay. It has been the undisputed market leader since 1900 in the deodorants category and has a proud history of being the first to introduce new benefits into the market. They’ve been dermatologically tested and are gentle enough to use daily.

Why Shield Protection Is Superior

  1. The deodorants and antiperspirants have patented game-changing technology to offer superior protection against wetness and odour.
  2. They are designed with unique microcapsules that respond to movement; the more you move, the more they work.
  3. They’re formulated with body responsive technology; they are the world’s first antiperspirant activated by movement.
  4. Clinically proven to kill 90% of odour causing germs meaning they provide reliable odour and sweat control.

Shield protection is so reliable that the products are considered number one in many countries. And Shield is the world’s largest deodorant in market shares.

Under Shield’s online fitness motivation campaign #MoveWithConfidence the brand is committed to motivating millions to move more and stay fit in the comfort of their homes as their products are triggered by the movement; the more you move, the more it works. Thus Shield has redefined what it means to be protected.

How Long Do Shield Deodorants And Antiperspirants Last?

Whether it’s your long presentation days at work or workout sessions, Shield always exceeds expectations by offering advanced sweat protection maintaining freshness throughout the day.

Shield’s antiperspirants are clinically proven to eliminate odour-causing germs. So you can feel more comfortable and confident in your skin.

Shield’s antiperspirants contain game-changing patented technology and are a favourite among users because there’s no need to reapply since they are reliable no matter the situation. It is motion-activated to offer superior wetness protection in moments that matter to you and provides longer protection against odour causing bacteria.

Say Goodbye To Odour

So now you can say goodbye to sweat and body odour with Shield’s deodorants and antiperspirants as they ensure long-lasting freshness, for more moments of joy and confidence. Shield will not let you down!