Move at your own pace

It's the most wonderful time of the year filled with merriment, and the opportunity to kick back and indulge in gourmet meals and endless naps. During the festive season, your body experiences changes to your diet, decreased activity levels and odd sleep patterns which often contribute to poorer mental health. It's not all bad news though as regular exercise helps to improve your wellbeing. Simply set aside an hour every week to work out.

That sounds do-able, doesn't it? The best part is that you can bask in all the endorphins (feel-good chemicals) that workout sessions release. Endorphins help you relax and boost your mood so that you can genuinely embody being the life of the party! Shield encourages #Movingmoreathome, especially during the festive season. Here are tips on how to engage in home-based workouts and exercises, and more importantly to do so, at your own pace:

The benefits of working out at home

The benefits of working out at home are endless. You can exercise at a pace that best suits you (without judgement), there is no travel involved and you have access to your own bathroom for that satisfying post-workout shower you crave. Imagine not having to pack a gym bag every day, saving on gym fees and having the luxury to choose from a variety of exercises.

You can throw in some Ashtanga yoga with a little bit of boxing, whatever makes you happy! With the right fitness motivation, you can do a home workout that’s just as intense as a sweat session at the gym.

Stay confident with Shield

When you're trying to fit in a quick workout session before a festive activity, ensure that you stay fresh and dry. Stop sweating excessively with Shield Advanced 72 Hour protection roll-onOpens in a new window, which triples the strength of regular antiperspirant and assists with odour and sweat control. Wondering how to reduce sweat? Check out Shield's antiperspirants with 72 hour protection for men and women, it is motion activated so as you move, the more it protects, providing long-lasting freshness keeping odour and sweat at bay.

Also, ensure that you stay hydrated while you exercise by drinking enough water as it helps regulate your body temperature and keeps your joints lubricated. Stay fresh and dry by showering after you exercise and make sure that you dry yourself properly to prevent bacteria-causing body odour.

Explore fitness trends

When you stumble across a fitness trend that excites you – go for it. Whether its cardio exercises, Ashtanga yoga, barre ballet or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) - All you need to give these fitness trends a go is a little creativity. For a satisfying high-intensity workout, consider the HIIT fitness trend which swaps out lengthy cardio sessions for high-intensity interval training. Alternate 20-second bursts of sprinting on the spot with 10-20 seconds of rest 10 times over. That’s the cardio equivalent of a run, in under five minutes! After all, let’s do everything we can to #MoveMoreAtHome.

Shield has you covered with the best antiperspirants and exercises to #MoveMoreAtHome and keep sweat at bay.