How to Start your Day Right

Starting the day with some indoor exercises to wake up your body is like revving a car in the morning – it takes some time, but it’ll get things running more smoothly. There are so many ways to put movement into your healthy morning routine. So, adopt a new morning home workout routine and start the day with a bang – you won’t want to stop.

Man smiling while taking a shower

Start right and stay fresh

Revolt against the snooze button on your alarm. Awakening your senses with a warm shower accompanied by a few of your favourite songs is the perfect start and bound to make you smile. Don’t forget to apply an antiperspirant roll on after taking a shower to keep your underarms fresh and smooth.


Exercise the smart way

Working out at home shouldn’t eat into your morning. Brief interval training – concentrated exercise with minimal rest is just as effective as long sessions. Ten minutes can beat two hours: the key is intensity. Reps, reps, reps. Then rest for 10 seconds after every burst.


Join the resistance

Stretch your morning potential with a resistance band. They’re a great way to work some movement into your bed-to-breakfast routine. Hold the band and stretch your arms out to open your shoulders. Put it under your feet and grab it to stretch your legs. Ten reps of each will set you up for the day.


Salute the sun

Kick-start the day like a yogi with a variation of a 'sun salutation'. Your hamstrings will be stretched, your posture improved, and your energy will be sky high. Lift your arms and bend at the hips so your hands find the floor. Move down into a press-up, lower your body and then push your chest and head up.


Read in bed

We’re all for getting up, getting dressed, getting moving – but only when the day calls for it. Once or twice a week, if those few minutes in the morning is all you have to yourself while we’re stuck indoors, enjoy them. Rest. Read. Do what you feel your body and mind needs. We can always find time for a home workout session later, right? Right.

These 5 tips will help you kickstart healthy movement habits and help you get the most out of your day. Just remember to protect yourself against wetness and odour.

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