How to share body positivity with friends and family

No matter your shape or size, the idea is to live comfortably in your body, as it is right now, and work on treating it right through nourishment, joyful movement and self-care. It’s easy to adopt a body-positive mindset when your support structure of friends and family are in on it too!

Instead of feeling like you have to tackle every workout alone, take advantage of the technology you have to stay connected. Working out alone can be daunting for some, so schedule online workout video calls with family and friends. Be sure to synchronise everyone’s schedules through a virtual workout plan. Do this by creating a shared online document with everyone’s workouts for each day.

Here are easy virtual ways to encourage body positivity amongst family and friends:

Work out for no cost at all

Watch Shield’s #MoveMoreAtHome fitness videos and have everyone work out with you for no cost at all! Seeing family and friends get their sweat on, will make you feel a little less alone and motivate you to push even harder. Be sure to use the Shield Germ Defence antiperspirant that is activated by movement and eliminates over 90% of odour causing germs. That way you can feel confident and comfortable while you work out.

Dance the stress away

Share a dance playlist of your favourite songs with family and friends and get moving! Better yet, why not watch Shield’s dance videosOpens in a new window and try to learn the routines? Family and friends could also try Zumba exercises because it releases endorphins which send happy and positive feelings throughout the body. At the same time, it improves coordination and boosts heart health.

Unleash your inner yogi

Get everyone to join a live yoga session as its entire purpose is to build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body. Whether you’re a couch potato or a fitness guru, there are modifications for every yoga pose which accommodates beginners. The plus side of practising yoga virtually means that you can pause the class any time you like if you want a few extra minutes to practise a particular pose. More importantly, yoga helps a person manage stress, which is necessary during a lockdown.

Whether it is online dancing, some yoga or virtual gym sessions, #MoveMoreAtHome with Shield.