Women lying on yoga mat with a pillow

Household items to use in your home workouts

Working out at home has become the new norm, and at Shield, we want to make sure that nothing comes in the way of you reaching your fitness goals. Our #MoveMoreAtHome campaign is designed to give you tips and inspiration to make your home workoutsOpens in a new window fun, effective and as easy to follow as possible.

In this piece, we’re sharing some household items that you can use as exercise equipment in your fitness routine.

Water bottle

It appears water bottles don’t only come in handy to quench our thirst during workouts – they can also be used as weights. An exercise you can perform using two 1 litre bottles as dumbbells is the arm curlOpens in a new window workout, which is aimed at toning your biceps. To perform, stand with your feet hip width apart with two water bottles by your sides and your palms facing forward. Bend your elbows and curl the bottles towards your shoulders. Lower your arms and repeat for 1 minute.

A sack of sugar

Want to intensify your lower body workout? Lift a bag of sugar while you perform squats or leg lunges. Just stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips and hold the sugar at your chest with both hands.

A broomstick

You can use a broomstick to squat, perform leg lunges and standing crunches. It also comes in handy for toning your lower stomach. Hold the broomstick at chest height then raise your knees alternately while reaching for the broomstick. Keep your abdomen contracted throughout this core exerciseOpens in a new window.


Change the way you do a double-leg lift by adding a pillow to your workout. Lie on your back with your feet together and a pillow in between them. Make sure your forearms are flat on the ground and by your hips. Lift your feet off the ground for three seconds with the pillow still in place, then lower your feet slowly back to the floor and repeat.

With these household items, you can work up a sweat and transform your home workouts. Shield has the perfect antiperspirant roll on for you to protect you against body odour and sweaty underarms before and after your workouts.