Easy home workouts

Tips for Home Workouts

Feels like there’s no room to move? That’s because gym equipment can cause a lot of clutter. That is why we’ve put together a how-to guide to help you use every inch of your living space so you can get active every day. When it comes to squeezing in a home workout there are lots of ways to get active with very little space. If you’re looking for tips for home workoutsOpens in a new window, keep reading:

How-To Guide on Easy Home Workouts for Beginners

Get inspired by your space

No matter how small your space, with the right ideas you can use any area or part of your home to exercise. Waiting for the pasta to boil? Use those spare minutes to do a few sets of arm raises using your kitchen counter tops. Remember reps and sets are your friend, so put on a timer and put that upper body to work.

Sweat during a series

If you’re in the middle of a series and don’t want to miss out on the next episode, place down a mat or bath towel and do a couple of crunches while you watch. Use the episode as your timer and your living room floor as a workout space. If you’re still not convinced, the benefits of physical activity alone should definitely inspire you. The more you sweat, the better you feel (eventually).

Storage-friendly equipment

Making sure you get the workout you’re looking for can often call for the help of some exercise equipment. The only thing is, exercise equipment isn’t always space savvy. A treadmill is not the best idea if you’re squashed into a one-bedroom flat, however, there are a few gym equipment tools that are great for a tiny space.

Toning tools

If you’re looking to tone and do a bit of bodybuilding, a pull-up bar can be attached to and removed from your door frames. For your legs and arms, resistance bands work a treat. It’s simply a circular piece of elastic which can easily be stored in any space. Don’t be fooled, for such a petite piece of equipment, you can get plenty of calorie-burning workouts from it.

Separate crunch time from me time

One piece of advice: if your living room and kitchen are big enough to workout in – do it there. Your bedroom is a place for relaxation and sleep, it’s always best to help your mind and body separate areas that are for work and areas that are for a much-needed bit of relaxation and rest.

However big or small your space, with the right know-how you can still live an active life indoors and use every second of your day, in any space, to fit in a bit of exercise. You’ll be sweating quite a lot, so remember to apply a Shield antiperspirant that’s designed to fight sweat and body odour.