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Breaking Barriers

Jorginho a Chelsea football player for Sure deodorant

Go above and beyond

From a young age in Brazil, Jorginho was repeatedly told he was too small and his dreams of playing football on the biggest stage would never happen. But through perserverance and an unrelenting drive to never give up, he proved his doubters wrong.

"Always believe and don't give up, because there will be difficult moments but after, glory awaits."
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Kante a Chelsea football player for sure deodorant

Remember, great things take time

N'Golo Kanté knows the meaning of hard work. Having battled through the lower leagues and disappointments, he harnessed these failures as motivation and through his love of the game, learnt that nothing is impossible.

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Antonio Rüdiger a Chelsea football player for Sure Deodorant

Always believe in yourself

Antonio Rüdiger has had to work for his success. Having faced doubters throughout his rise to the top, he learnt that not just in football, but in life, nothing comes easy. Talent isn’t everything, but with self-belief and wanting it more than others, anything is achievable.

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