Man stretching his legs after leg workout

A Guide To The Perfect Gym Routine For Men

For the man in meetings, the man-on-the-go, the man taking care of the home, the sportsman, and for any man really, finding time to fit in a good workout can feel like a mission. Gym time is go time - an opportunity to get in a good workout, get closer to achieving your fitness goals and take some time out to better yourself. At Shield, we know that for so many, it’s important to be able to move, stay active and keep fit. Which is why we have come up with a quick guide to the perfect gym routine for men so that you can get the most gains out of every session.

As with any targets you set out to meet, the key to getting the best results and achieving those goals lies in consistent, well-planned action. An effective workout routine is no exception to this rule which is why getting shredded is a result of hard work, perseverance and never skipping leg day. So a workout schedule that works out all the muscle groups and incorporates sufficient rest time is the most important element of any successful gym routine.

Steps To Building A Gym Plan for Men

For the average person who wants to stay healthy, experts advise that you work out or do some form of physical activity anywhere between 3 and 6 days a week for 20-30 minutes at a time. Since we all work out for various reasons, whether it’s for weight loss or strength training, the amount of time we spend on the mat, pumping iron or doing HIIT will differ. So your workout routine and schedule should be designed according to your body goals and the WHY of your sweating it out.

For the “just starting out” to the intermediate trainer who goes to the gym but doesn’t quite know what to do when they get there, here are our tips for creating the ultimate gym workout routine.

  • In a 7-day week, plan to work out 4-6 times a week at the same time of day. This makes it easier for you to develop a routine for your body to get used to.
  • Write down a weekly breakdown of the areas you’re planning on working on that week so that you can optimize your time and energy.
  • Schedule rest days. It’s important for your body to have downtime, to recover after gruelling physical exertion.
  • Balance is everything. Focus on an equal division between cardio and strength training as well as use of body weights and machines. Remember, variety is the spice of life!
  • Never skip stretching. Incorporate dynamic stretches like leg swings, plank walkouts, jumping jacks, lunges and arm circles before and after every workout.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
  • If you develop an injury, have it assessed and take time to heal it before you work on that particular area as well.

The ultimate men's weekly gym routine

A weekly workout routine for the everyday man working on his fitness should involve a healthy mix of targeted area exercises. For example:

Day 1: Focus on chest, shoulders, back and arms. Whether you’re pumping iron, indoor rock climbing or holding an upward dog, the chest, shoulders and arms should be engaged and activated.

Day 2: This is leg day! You’d better lunge, reverse lunge, squat, mountain climb, raise your calves and run as hard and as fast as you can on this day.

Day 3: And on the 3rd day, we activate the core. Whether you plank, crunch, Russian twist, do leg raises, abdominal presses, or flutter kicks, day 3 is for strengthening the core.

Day 4: Rest. You are both allowed and encouraged to rest your body and build up your energy reserves.

Day 5: Cardio Day. The best thing about cardio day is that it can happen anywhere and any way you like. If you prefer being outside and road running instead of being on a treadmill, do that! If you need to walk your dogs and take your kids to the park and run around with them, do that.

While you’re breaking a sweat as you get into your gym routine, sweat control shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. So for the ultimate protection from sweat and body odour as you work out, trust Shield’s Men Invisible Germ Defence Antiperspirant Roll-On to keep you dry and smelling fresh. The innovative MotionSense technology in this antiperspirant is activated by movement, which means that the more you move the harder it works to keep you fresh and dry.

So, for the perfect gym routine, make sure you have Shield by your side to keep you dry and smelling fresh as you get those gains in the gym, it won’t let you down.