All-Day Confidence Top Tips & Shield 72-Hour Advanced Protection

It’s happened to us all – a sudden sweaty moment and the subsequent bout of wayward body odour that always ruins the day.

And these moments can happen anytime, whether you’re chasing that deadline at the office, or getting active after hours on the court, pitch, at the gym - even while you’re making shapes on the dancefloor. Shield 72-hour Advanced Protection is the solution – saving people from sweat and odour and providing all day protection. Here’s how:

Our new formulation is proven to work harder and longer and is bound to keep you dry and smelling fresh during ordinary and extraordinary days. Our Shield 72-hour Advanced Protection antiperspirant offers advanced sweat protection against body odour. It is MotionActivated, maintaining freshness throughout the day.

This is the biggest and most progressive antiperspirant upgrade in over 40 years - Shield 72-hour Advanced Protection antiperspirant with MotionActivated technology will keep you moving.

Let’s have a closer look at what causes body odour, and then how to better prevent it:

Body Odour – The Smelly Truth

Our body naturally produces sweat when we exercise, or exert ourselves, or even stress. It’s part of being human.

But there’s another natural process that happens to us when we sweat – bromhidrosis. This is when the bacteria on our skin interacts with our sweat - essentially feeds off of it - and produces the unpleasant odour that we call B.O.

So, it’s not the sweat – it’s the bacteria reacting with our sweat that makes the smell.

What’s more, this bacteria loves warm, damp places. Places like our underarms, feet, between our toes and in our groin area. Sweat gets trapped here, and those little microbes go to town – wet patches on our clothes, and unpleasant odours then can be rife.

Keeping Body Odour at Bay – How to Stay Fresher, For Longer

If you’re encountering more and more of those sweaty moments in your day, body odour might be getting out of control.

Here’s how you can fight back:

First & Foremost - Deodorise with Shield 72-Hour Advanced Protection

Make sure Shield 72-Hour Advanced Protection is part of your day. Shield will keep you dry and smelling great with our exclusive MotionActivated technology that maintains freshness throughout the day.

Whether you’re playing hard or working hard, Shield will protect you against sweat and odour.

More Scrubbing

We know, your personal hygiene isn’t anything to be ‘sniffed’ at. But certain areas of your body may need a little more tender loving care.

In those areas where sweat could get trapped – your underarms or groin area – take a little more time. Give them an extra scrub with good soap and then make sure they’re very dry.

Top to Toe Attention

Giving those problem areas a little more attention will go a long way to deterring that pesky clamminess – hair, for example, traps sweat and moisture and makes these parts of your body very attractive to bacteria. Keep them clean – coupled with Shield’s 72-Hour Advanced Protection, this is the only surefire, effective solution for keeping odour to a minimum.

And while we’re on the subject of areas that may need extra TLC, many of us forget about our feet. The truth is, though, that most of our body’s sweat producing glands live all the way down there. So, after you’ve showered, give them a good, thorough dry, and make sure they can breathe in socks and shoes made from natural materials.

Rely on Shield’s 72-Hour Advanced Protection, and our range of antiperspirants designed to protect you against uncomfortable, embarrassing odours and sweat.

Find out more about our sweat and odour-fighting technology.