10-minute HIIT Workouts

Getting a moment to yourself is difficult enough during your busy day. On top of that, trying to work out from home can be even trickier. So, we’ve put together a handful of quick HIIT home workouts that will fit perfectly into your tight schedule. From cardio to core, even a few minutes of sweating a day can make a world of difference, it’s all about making sure we #MoveMoreAtHome.

What is HIIT?

HIITOpens in a new window stands for high-intensity interval training which is supercharged bursts of exercise followed by intervals of rest. It’s all about getting that heart rate up so you can get the most out of your workout. When you get a second at home, these HIIT workouts work wonders and are a great way to make any ten-minute break count.

HIIT 10-Minute Routine at Home

The best way to get your heart rate up is with repetition. Start with lunges and repeat twelve lunges on each leg, after which you can rest for ten seconds and then repeat. Two sets of twenty-four lunges will only take a few minutes, but by the end of it you will definitely feel the burn. Check out this easy HILT home workout by fitness trainer Mapule Ndhlovu https://youtu.be/CXOLWxNtQvUOpens in a new window.

Take it up a notch

While standing, put your hands out in front of you, elbows by your sides, palms facing the floor. Then begin to run on the spot lifting your knees high enough so that they touch your palms. Do this for twenty seconds and follow with a ten second rest, then repeat as many times as you can. If you plan to fit high-intensity interval training in during your day, then here are a few tips to help you avoid sweat stains so you can confidently get active without the worry – even at home. There are deodorants that help avoid sweat stains too.

HIIT core routines

This ten-minute workout is easily done in the morning before you head out to start your day. To begin, all you need is a yoga mat or even a bath towel. Start with three reps of twenty crunches. Pause for twenty seconds and repeat.

Follow that

With a knees-to-chin exercise. Simply lie on your back, have your arms stretched out by your side, palms facing the floor and do a sit-up but bring your knees towards your chin and then on your way down straighten your legs again. Do two reps of twenty and break for twenty seconds.

Why should I do HIIT workouts?

High-intensity interval training is a great way to squeeze in a workout session at home during your busy week. A few minutes of pain will definitely lead to a lot of personal gain. Just put your mind to it and you’ll love it.