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Sporty women


Be prepared. Be ready - #ShieldReady. Shield prepares you to take on anything. So get moving, and have fun while you’re doing it because Shield has you covered.

Own your workout. Shield Invisible Black + White protects your clothes against white marks and yellow stains, so you can push past your limits without worrying about how you look.

Live with confidence. Bad odour, wet marks or stains all make it difficult to live confidently. Shield Invisible Black + White has been specially to protect you from all of these, making it easier than ever to live confidently!


  • Mapule Shield


    TA woman who is comfortable in her own skin; Mapule works out because it gives her ownership of her body. It gives her the confidence to live her life, #ShieldReady, on her terms, and it’s taught her to push herself, never settling for anything but success.

  • Sbahle Shield


    Sbahle feels a drive to get #ShieldReady. She knows there is always potential to be better, to push to be the best version of herself she can be. Competitive and goal-oriented, Sbahle has made the choice to wear her confidence and live her life.

  • Takkies Shield


    Being a mother takes a toll on the body. Takkies has decided to get #ShieldReady to regain control of her body, falling in love with the confidence she gets from freedom of movement. She doesn’t back down from a challenge, and Shield helps her take on anything with confidence.