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Be the Next Champion

Be the Next Champion

Who will Be The Next Champion with Shield? Follow the journey #MoveWithShield

Official Partners, Shield and Chelsea FC: gives young soccer players a once-in-a-lifetime chance to train with Chelsea at Cobham

Official Campaign Partners, Shield and Orlando Pirates: are on the search for the next soccer talent to join their Orlando Pirates MDC team


  • SBONIS’iDiski


    The search for the country’s next soccer star.
    Watch on SABC 1, Soccerzone 9PM on Monday.
    Repeat on Tuesday at 12PM.

  • Preparation meets performance

    Preparation meets performance

    Perform at your best with Shield! Shield, it won’t let Chelsea down.
    It won’t let Orlando Pirates down. It won’t let you down.

  • The new line-up

    The new line-up

    Introducing Shield Invisible Black + White, Invisible Fresh and finally Invisible Germ Defence.
    Shield’s ultimate protection against odour and wetness.