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Juanita Khumalo

Using movement to power through trying times

At the young age of 29, Juanita Khumalo is a wellness coach, fitness influencer, and founder of Trove Wellness. She has accomplished much over the years but none of it without any challenges. Through it all one thing has remained true, her resilient spirit – propelled by the movement

Juanita’s movement journey began in 2017 after a terrible break-up and the loss of two family members affected her mental health and led her to a depressive state. At the time she, unfortunately, could not afford professional help, so the gym became her solace and a form of therapy. Through her consistency at the gym, she was able to lose a total of 15kg, bringing her weight to 59kg.

Despite the weight loss, Juanita’s mental health further deteriorated and resulted in burnout and her needing to seek professional help through therapy and church. This marked the starting point of her holistic wellness journey, striking a balance between both mental and physical health.

In a much healthier state of mind and on top of her fitness goals, Juanita launched Trove Wellness which is based on holistic wellness; physical, mental, and spiritual fitness. Achieving mental, spiritual, and emotional ‘fitness’ means looking beyond the umbrella assumption of fitness as only physical.

Each of these pillars is interconnected as integral elements of overall wellness. Trove Wellness was launched with the objective of sharing wellness resources and to empower women to become the best versions of themselves.

It takes commitment

“Moving literally saved my life, it was the therapy I needed to maintain my mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing. Exercise is known to releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your overall mood and sets the tone for the rest of your day and helped to reduce my stress levels and reduce/manage symptoms of mental illness.

Committing to the practice of holistic wellness has completely transformed the course of my personal journey. One would think that as human beings, we would by default feel ‘alive and well’. On the contrary! This apogee, I am learning, is reached by consistently harnessing the power of intention, vision, and discipline – as per appropriate insights, of course,” says Juanita Khumalo

She continued to add that “As a globally-minded millennial vigorously pushing various missions and having had the privilege of being guided along the way, my wish has always been to pay it forward by equipping others with the best tools so that they too can become the grandest versions of themselves.”

Juanita continues to encourage people across South Africa to stay positive and keep moving regardless of their circumstance, and she is currently doing this through her partnership with South Africa’s number one antiperspirant brand Shield on the #movemoreathome campaign. The campaign aims to encourage the nation to find new and exciting ways to break a sweat and continue moving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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By joining forces with local fitness experts such as Juanita Khumalo (@juakhumalo), Mapule Ndhlovu (@queenfitnass), Mika Stefano (@mikastefano), and Ryle de Morny (@natureboy_ct), Shield wants to give South Africans the confidence and inspiration to keep moving by sharing a wide variety of home workouts that will keep people fit and healthy.

For more information about the #MoveMoreAtHome campaign visit and follow Shield on Instagram (@Shieldza), Facebook (@ShieldZA), and Twitter (@Shield_ZA).

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