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Fitness Trends: Exercise Trends to Try at Home

Fitness Trends: Exercise Trends to Try at Home

When you finally find a fitness trend that excites you – go for it. We’re all for exploring new ways to get active. In fact, because we know how hard it is to fit exercise classes into your everyday routine, particularly when you’re stuck indoors – here are some fitness trends that can easily be a part of your home workouts and are bound to inspire you. 

Whether it be squat exercises, cardio exercises at home or arm exercises All you need to give these fitness trends a go is a little creativity. After all, let’s do everything we can to #MoveMoreAtHome.


Bodyweight training is a big part of high-intensity interval training; anything from lunges to squats or crunches – it’s all about reps and sets. Pumping out a few intense sets within a limited time really challenges you and all you need to do it, is yourself. Easy.

Ashtanga yoga

The great thing about yoga? It can work in any space. If you’ve got a full house at the moment, find solace in the kitchen, lay down your mat and stretch. Ashtanga is a series of poses that are held for five or more seconds, intensifying your workout. Twenty minutes before dinner is all you need for this workout.

Barre ballet

Barre ballet is a fitness trend that uses a wooden rail to help dancers strengthen and perfect their balance. All you really need is the back of a chair and you can begin to practice your knee-bends, high fifths and your ever-important tuck. As a new fitness trend, it’s a great combination of classical dance training and muscle toning. Besides, wearing a leotard is much easier when it’s done in the comfort of your own home, right?

Whatever exercise trend you’re into, all you need to do is set aside an evening, get into your gear and make space in your living room, kitchen, bathroom or wherever suits you indoors. Shield has you covered with the best antiperspirants and exercises to #MoveMoreAtHome and keep sweat at bay.

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