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The woman-on-the-go needs antiperspirant and deodorant products that provide all-day protection against body odour and excessive sweating.
Shield’s range of women’s antiperspirant and deodorant is dermatologically tested and gentle enough to use every day, and each is proven to keep you dry.

Our collection is made up of fresh smelling fragrances, too, designed to keep you feeling confident, as the innovative technology of the Shield formula works to protect your underarms.

Which Antiperspirant Or Deodorant Is Best For Women?

The solution depends entirely on what you need in an antiperspirant or deodorant – but you’ll find that solution in the Shield for women range of pioneering antiperspirant products:

Shield 72-hour Protection

Shield Women Antiperspirant in roll-on or spray provides a no sweat, no odour dryness that lasts for up to 72 hours.

What’s more, Shield’s legendary MotionActivated technology is in the mix. Here’s how it works:

Motion triggers the body to warm up and initiates sweating via thermoregulation. Upon sweating, our antiperspirant in your underarm dissolves to form a sweat-preventing barrier, to keep you dry and fresh, for longer.

Anti-Mark Technology

Along with Shield’s innovative formulation in odour and sweat control*, we have an option that protects your clothes - the Black + White Anti-mark range.

This is technology that works to reduce marks on clothing caused by deodorant, as well as the yellow stains that come from over wear and excessive sweating. You’ll be able to move with confidence in your day, free from the worry of unsightly marks and stains on your precious outfits. To add to that, it’s all wrapped up in a refreshing scent that’ll leave you feeling fresh.

Even Tone

The Shield Women Even Tone range is developed with vitamin B3 added, so that it’s a little easier on the skin.

Hair removal such as shaving can cause irritation that often manifests as an unpleasant bumpy look and feel on the skin. Give your underarms the best care.

With our specialised Even Tone formula, you can reduce dark underarm marks and bumps in just 7 days, with continued use.

Clinical Strength

There could be many reasons for excessive sweating – it may be in your genetics, or your workout style. Or it could simply be because you’re a woman-on-the-go, with kids to sort out, businesses to run, or meetings to attend – things can get heated.

In our range of premium antiperspirants, we’ve developed a Shield Women Clinical Strength Ultra Dry Antiperspirant offering – protection for up to 96 hours, in times when you need maximum protection from sweat and odour.

How Shield’s Antiperspirants And Deodorants Help Prevent Sweat And Odour?

Each product in our Shield women’s antiperspirant and deodorant offering is designed to protect you for longer. Shield is designed for efficacy with a minimum of 48 hours up to a maximum of 72 hours.

What’s more, that protection against odour and sweat comes packaged within a selection of refreshing fragrances that will suit your personal style – there’s a scent for everyone.

For more on our comprehensive suite of Shield Women products, view our full range.