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No To Sweaty Moments

Being a teen is a full-time job, but luckily, the energy of youth is unmatched.

It’s not just school, extracurriculars or hanging with friends that could bring about those sweaty moments.

Bodies change at this time, and teens could start to experience sweating and odour on new levels.

Formulated to be easy on the skin, Shield Teens is highly effective in odour protection – it’s the go-to choice for your always-on youngster, who wants to make sure they’re constantly dry, fresh and smelling great.

The Shield Teens range has something for everyone – all available in portable roll-on applicators that ensure ease of use and all-day confidence, and each developed with parents and teens as co-creators.

Which Antiperspirant Or Deodorant Is Best For Teens?

The Shield Teen range of products is developed with a gentle formulation that ensures all day protection against sweating and odour, housed in a fresh fragrant formula with scents that your teen will love.

There’s something for every teen:

For The Young Ladies

  • Shield Teens Fruit Spin Antiperspirant
  • Shield Teens Fresh Twist Antiperspirant
  • Shield Teens Flower Power Antiperspirant

Are you looking for teens antiperspirant for a young lady in the family? Look through our Teen products.

For the Young Men

  • Shield Teens Ice Kick Antiperspirant
  • Shield Teens Fresh Boost Antiperspirant
  • Shield Teens Cool Blast Antiperspirant

Are you looking for teens antiperspirant for a young man in the family? Browse our Teen products.

How Do Teens Antiperspirants And Deodorants Prevent Sweat & Odour?

Shield’s comprehensive range of teenagers antiperspirant deodorant is specially designed for our dynamic youth.

Each product provides all-day protection against perspiration and odour, for the teen on the move.

What’s more, they’re dermatologically tested to be easy on young skin, to prevent skin irritation, and are all wrapped up in a hip, fresh scent for guaranteed confidence.

Every Shield Teen product has been developed to ensure delicate balances between being gentle on the skin, efficacy in dryness and odour protection, and having appealing fragrances your teen will be proud to wear, every day.

If you want to find out about excessive sweat and you’re not sure which product or option is right for your teenager.



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