Shield 72-hour Protection Roll-on and Antisperspirant Women and Men Range

Shield 72-hour Protection claim supported by the Advertising Regulatory Board

Shield is pleased to announce that its claims that new Shield products provide 72-hour protection have been upheld following an appeal to the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB).

This upgraded Shield formula constitutes a new milestone in antiperspirant effectiveness, one of the most significant advancements in over 40 years.

Earlier this year, the ARB was asked by a consumer to review the product claim that highlights how Shield’s new formulation provides 72 hours of protection.

The ARB determined in its initial ruling that there was insufficient evidence to show that the protection was consumer perceivable at 72 hours which brought our claim into question, despite external endorsement.

However, following an appeal process, the ARB lifted the suspension, accepting evidence from an independent study that has demonstrated the efficacy of Shield’s product in providing 72-hour protection against sweat and odour.

Throughout the entire ARB process, Shield maintained the new advanced Shield technology was scientifically tested and verified as having significant protection to reduce sweat for up to 72-hours.

Shield was able to re-affirm the endorsement of the claim from an independent expert during the appeal process, demonstrating that Shield provided much greater protection for longer.

In the appeal process the ARB reviewed the brand’s arguments and ruled that it accepts that the claim “New advanced Shield 72-hour protection” has been properly substantiated. The ARB confirmed it does not find anything wrong with the wording of the claim.

“We are excited that the ARB has lifted this suspension because the brand’s mission has always been about giving consumers the confidence to move more without worrying about sweat and odour. We remain South Africa’s and the world’s bestselling antiperspirant brand because we care about our consumers and create products to continuously meet their needs,” said Tamryn Taylor, Marketing Director for Shield.

Shield’s new antiperspirant system, called MotionActivated Technology, took 9 years to develop and has resulted in 15 new patents. This technology, using new active ingredients, creates smaller molecules, meaning less space for sweat to escape – keeping you drier.

“This is the most significant, technologically advanced antiperspirant upgrade in over 40 years, and we wanted to share that with South Africans,” she concluded.