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MotionSense™ range

Shield Motionsense™

The more you move the more it works.

Keeps you fresher for longer.

With unique microcapsules that release bursts of freshness as you move.

How it works

MotionSense Shield


The science

  • Technology made for movers

    Technology made for movers

    Shield, South Africa’s number one selling deodorant and antiperspirant brand, has launched Shield MotionSense™; the world’s first antiperspirant with unique microcapsules that are activated by movement.

  • A revolution in anti-perspirant technology

    A revolution in anti-perspirant technology

    Shield MotionSense™ is the next generation in anti-perspirants with advanced motion-activated technology. Tiny microcapsules ‘burst’ when activated by friction, releasing freshness when you need it the most.

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